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Body Mechanix Sports Therapy is the life long dream of Lynn Zairi, a massage therapist and athlete.   Her idea was to design a clinic to use massage, Eastern and energy techniques to reduce stress, promote relaxation, encourage the body to heal and improve athletic performance/quality of life. 

  ​As we begin to age we realize that injury prevention and reducing stress are important to our health.  Getting ongoing massage therapy is crucial to that goal.  We are here to provide that soft tissue service.  If your medical professional recommends that you start to receive regular massages for accident recovery, stress relief, or whatever their treatment plan, we are here to help you.  Our goal is to bring you to the best place your body can be and have the highest quality of life.  You deserve that!

NOW OFFERING Chi Nei Tsang!  Chinese application of Chi Gung to the internal organs.  This abdominal massage supports your healing process and improves health and wellbeing.  


Massage-$80 for 60min​​

Massage is a combination of Swedish, myofascial therapy, sports, deep tissue, prenatal (if pregnant) and Thai.  You will have an assessment and a treatment plan explained to you, the massage and exercises/stretches that will support you as you heal.

CHI NEI TSANG- $50 for 30 min and $100 for 60 min

Gift Cards

Gift cards

One 30 minute treatment with analysis $40
One 60 minute massage $80

One 30 minute Treatment $50
One 60 minute Treatment $100

Package I

Three 60 minute Combo-Massages for $225.

Package II

Five 60 minute Combo-Massages for $350.

Package III

Three 30 minutes Chi Nei Tsang Treatments for $135

Package IV

Five 30  minute Chi Nei Tsang Treatments for $200

Package V

Three 60 minute Chi Nei Tsang Treatments for $285

Package VI

Five 60 minute Chi Nei Tsang Treatments for $450